Rise in kids with cancer

THE number of children being looked after by Walk On Walk Strong (WOWS) Kids Fiji suffering from cancer has increased from last year.

This was confirmed by WOWS board member Anabel Ali, who said there were 70 children being looked after by them compared with approximately 60 last year.

“These are our statistics and the ones that WOWS looks after.

“Failure by parents and guardians to pay attention to signs is one of the reasons some of our children are not able to make it. Would say more awareness is needed,” Ms Ali said.

“The treatment of the children so far has been going on well. Where possible, we liaise with the hospitals to understand the needs and if we can assist in sourcing of medication if they run out.”

She said the support from various organisations and individuals had been great and they were looking forward to more assistance in the future.

“We have started building on our awareness this year and with our 10th anniversary, we hope to move into rural areas so that we take help to those children who are not able to make it to hospitals because of simple things like transportation costs,” she said.

She highlighted that two children so far had been identified by them to undergo overseas treatment and the numbers were increasing though.

“We are in the process of organising overseas treatment for a few more. Fifteen children lost their lives last year while battling cancer. The numbers are increasing and children below the age of five are coming up with the symptoms of cancer,” she said.

She said two young girls lost their battle with cancer early this year with the latest being last week in the same age category of five years.

“Our aim is to get as many children as we can to have access to medical treatments. For some parents it gets very difficult to travel to the hospitals, find food, pay for accommodation. We step in to provide this help. We urge parents to watch out for the early signs so that your child can get the right treatment,” she said.

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