Right to their doorstep

Nurse Tuilau of MSP conducts health screening in Yaqeta Village in Yasawa. Picture: SUPPLIED

THE villagers in the districts of Naviti, Nacula and Yasawa are thankful to Government for bringing essential services to their doorstep.

A 16-member government delegation was on the islands of Yasawa, providing mobile awareness and service delivery on the social, economic and legal rights enshrined in the Constitution for the villagers.

Selavasio Barua of Somosomo Village in the district of Naviti said the awareness training on legal aid had broadened their knowledge on the consequences of breaking the law.

“Today’s session has provided me another opportunity to learn more about the things that are usually taken for granted in the village. Sometimes we take our spouses for granted. After today’s session, we are aware of the consequences of when we commit a crime,” Mr Barua said.

Mr Barua also commended the awareness training conducted by Medical Services Pacific (MSP), which he said had enabled them to understand and learn about the early actions to be taken for detecting cancer.

“This is the first time in Somosomo Village for these officers to come and make things clear for us. Officers leaving their comfort zone and coming down to us is a great blessing and it has really made things easier for us. We request that visitations similar to this should be done often because for most of us, travelling to Lautoka is costly,” he said.

Rights, Empowerment and Cohesion (REACH) project co-ordinator Salesi Savu said in every community they had visited, they were welcomed and every villager appreciated the REACH program. “Being a program with the intention to provide a one-stop service delivery approach has provided these villagers the comfort to seek assistance without travelling a far distance,” Mr Savu said.

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