Right pay structure

THE limited number of forecasters around the world and in Fiji has forced the Fiji Meteorological Service to conduct a Job Evaluation Exercise last year to help maintain its staff numbers.

New Fiji Met Office director Ravind Kumar told members of the 3rd Pacific Meteorological Council seminar in Tonga the evaluation exercise assisted them retain their staff.

“JEE is the Job Evaluation Exercise which was carried out in 2014 to basically see that our professional staff including weather forecasters, climate forecasters as well as hydrological forecasters were adequately remunerated,” Mr Kumar said.

Speaking to The Fiji Times yesterday, Mr Kumar said the exercise exposed loopholes in their pay structure which were rectified.

“When the exercise was conducted, there were gaps in the remuneration packages, the forecasters and the exercise properly remunerates them now after the job evaluation exercise.

“This has been done for two reasons, there were a number of staff leaving and the second objective was how we could retain them and one of them was to see if their remuneration package was enough,” Mr Kumar added.

He added “the push factor from here is the forecasters are globally marketable and the pull factor is that there are shortages of forecasters worldwide”.

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