Richa Chadha: Ali and I usually meet at the airport

Even after spending over a decade in the Hindi cinema industry and proving her mettle with films like Gangs of Wasseypur, Masaan, and Fukrey, actress Richa Chadha says she still feels like an outsider at times and has accepted this feeling.
“Ya! I still feel (an outsider) sometimes… maybe my kids won’t feel like an outsider,” she says and adds, “Honestly, I don’t think my feelings of being an outsider will ever change. I feel like an outsider and I’m fine with it. There is nothing wrong with the industry. I have been received well by the people and I love being here.”
The actress has been dating actor Ali Fazal for two years. Since both of them are actors and spend a lot of time in different cities, it is difficult to be a regular couple, who meet regularly. Do they have a common place to meet and chat? “Yes, we both are busy owing to our professional commitments. Life is such! Thus, we have a common place where we usually meet. It’s the airport,” she laughs and adds, “Also, when I am in Mumbai and he (Ali Fazal) is not around. I come home and play with my cat, this keeps me busy.”
Coming back to her professional life, we ask Richa if she considers her profession insecure and if she has any plan B on her mind. “I do not have any financial insecurity. I have other interests apart from just acting — I am passionate about writing and photography. If my interest is diverted on the basis of feeling insecure then I will start taking roles anyhow,” she says.

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