Rezoning approved

THE approved rezoning of Waibola Lot 1 DP 5818 in Wailekutu is subject to conditions, which includes the non-disturbance of the dwindling mangroves, which has been the heart of debate by the residents of Draunibota.

This was confirmed by Lami Town Council special administrator Jasper Singh who said the rezoning was done subject to conditions.

“It was approved by the director Town and Country Planning. The Town and Country Planning had approved it subject to certain conditions, and now what the Lami Town Council will be doing is closely monitoring those conditions,” Mr Singh said.

He said the conditions were those normal for sub-divisions.

“I think one of their conditions is that they won’t be touching the mangroves.”

Mr Singh said most of the “fears” of the residents that were relayed to the council had also been included in the conditions for development in the area.

He also confirmed the council had not received any plan from Pacific Building Solutions on what they wanted to build in the now rezoned land, but with the area now approved for rezoning, PBS could build whatever was allowed of them to do so.

“Now, it’s up to the applicant to carry out whatever is permissible within the provisions.

“They had first lodged for rezone and to date, they haven’t lodged any formal plan on what they want to construct in the area.”

Mr Singh said now with the rezoning to Heavy Industries and Carpark, PBS could build whatever was allowed under the define of Heavy Industries and Carpark.

The rezoning was approved on April 10.

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