Rewarding experience for Unity Fiji-Liga

Unity Fiji party provisional candidate Liga Gukuisuva. Picture: FT FILE/BALJEET SINGH

MAJOR campaigning and rallying for Unity Fiji came to an end yesterday before the blackout period starts tomorrow. Candidates along with party leader Savenaca Narube were at Nawaka Village to discuss their manifesto and policies should a Unity Fiji government be formed following the election.

Party candidate Liga Gukisuva said it had been a very rewarding experience for Unity Fiji.

“Campaigning has been very rewarding and we are very honoured to receive the support from the people, who have been very good,” he said.

Mr Gukisuva said through their visit to most places, they noticed people had been very appreciative.

“We have been talking about moving the country forward and assuring people that there is a solution. “We thank the people of Fiji those that believe in the policies and leadership and we urge all the voters to look at the quality of the leader.”

He said Unity Fiji was the only party with the leader who could move this country and save the people from economic downfall.

About 300 people attended the rally yesterday.

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