Reward for athletes

FIJIAN athletes are contributing immensely towards various sports in the country despite their financial challenges says the Fiji Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee (FASANOC) president Joseph Rodan.

Rodan made the comments at the 2017 Fiji Sports Awards nominees reception at the FMF Gymnasium on Friday.

“I think all the nominees are winners because they have been selected by the individual federations for the awards,” he said.

“It would be a tough competition and only the judges know who would be the winners. The reception for the nominees honours all the nominees before the main awards is held next week.”

He said he respected and honoured all the nominees for contributing towards sports.

“It is very important to recognise the sporting people because in Fiji a lot of people are not paid, but they volunteer to do it and it also involves a lot of work and we have a lot of expectations from them,” he said.

“They also gave their time towards the development of sports. If the volunteers are paid then our performance would improve. We always compete with the professional players overseas and I take off my hat for the athletes to be honoured especially when they are doing it voluntarily.”

The awards will be held on Friday.

2017 Fiji Sports Awards nominees

Paradise Beverages technical official of the year

Ajay Ballu (Archery), Michael Khelan (Athletics), Ravinesh Kumar (Football), Ernest Movick (Fiji Hockey), Nischal Karan (Special Olympics), He Canguang (Asia Pacific Taekwondo Federation), Sachin Reddy (Fiji Tennis Association), Apenisa Saukuru (Fiji Volleyball Federation), Della Shaw Elder (Weightlifting Fiji)

Sports Volunteer of the year

Nemani Tukunia (Athletics Fiji), Kinisimere Ravai (Fiji Football Association), Commander Francis Kean (Fiji Rugby Union), Molly Amon (Special Olympics), Prashnil Sharma (Asia Pacific Taekwondo Federation), Henry Yee (Fiji Table Tennis Association), Astral Lockington (Fiji Hockey Federation), Christopher Yee (Weightlifting Fiji)

Fiji Water Coach of the Year

Leone Qumi (Athletics Fiji), Ratu Marika Tavanavanua (Fiji Football Association), John McKee (Fiji Rugby Union), Prabhat Prasad (Asia Pacific Taekwondo Federation), Harvi Yee (Fiji Table Tennis Association), Todd Edwards (Fiji Volleyball Federation), Henry Elder (Fiji Weightlifting Federation)

Ministry of Sports Photograph of the Year

Eugene Vollmer (Athletics Fiji), Anushil Kumar (Fiji Football Association), Avikash Chand (Fiji Football Association), Kunal Keshneel (Fiji Live), Peni Komaisavai (Fiji Sun), Atu Rasea (Fiji Times), Jona Konataci (Fiji Times), Jonacani Lalakobau (Fiji Times), Jovesa Naisua (Fiji Times), Rama (Fiji Times), Sophie Ralulu (Fiji Times)

OSEP Hanisi Visanti Administrator of the Year

Eugene Vollmer (Athletics Fiji), Rajesh Patel (Fiji Football Association), Robin Dayal (Special Olympics), Shirish Chand (Asia Pacific Taekwondo Federation), Anthony Ho (Fiji Table Tennis Association), Alex Edwards (Fiji Volleyball Federation), Ritesh Ratiram (Weightlifting Fiji)

Sports World Sports Team of the Year

Athletics Fiji (Athletics women’s 4x100m), Fiji Hockey (Fiji Hockey women’s team), Rugby (Flying Fijians), Asia Pacific Taekwondo Federation (Nakasi Taekwondo Club), Fiji Table Tennis Association (Fiji Para Table Tennis team), Weightlifting Fiji (Commonwealth and Oceania Championship team)

Tappoo Sports Organisation of the Year

Athletics (Athletics Fiji), Football (Fiji Football Association), Rugby (Fiji Rugby Union), Special Olympics (Special Olympics Fiji), Table Tennis (Fiji Table Tennis Association), Asia Pacific Taekwondo Federation, Weightlifting Fiji

Fortech Young Female Athlete of the Year

Athletics- Shawntell Lockinton, Fiji Hockey- Lijiana Veuta, Fiji Table Tennis Association- Grace Yee, Asia Pacific Taekwondo Federation- Tealaika Sameer, Weightlifting Fiji- Maria Mareta

Powerade Young Male Athlete of the Year

Athletics Fiji- Kolinio Radrudru, Fiji Table Tennis Association- Vicky Wu, Asia Pacific Taekwondo Federation Huzaifa Abdur Rahman

Fiji Tattslotto Fiji Sportswoman of the Year

Athletics Fiji- Miriama Senokonoko, Fiji Hockey- Lala Ravatu, Fiji Judo- Shanice Takayawa, Fiji Rugby- Ana Maria Roqica, Asia Pacific Taekwondo Federation- Aliyah Zareena Valetine, Fiji Table Tennis Association- Merewalesi Roden, Fiji Volleyball Federation- Laite Nima, Weightlifting Fiji- Eileen Cikamatana

Fiji Tattslotto Fiji Sportsman of the Year

Athletics Fiji- Malakai Kaiwalu, Fiji Hockey- Hector Smith Jr, Fiji Judo- Tevita Takayawa, Fiji Paralympic Association- Iosefo Rakesa, Fiji Rugby Union- Leone Nakarawa, Fiji Swimming- Taichi Vekasama, Asia Pacific Taekwondo Federation-Adam Valetine, Fiji Table Tennis Association- Iakoba Taberanibou, Fiji Volleyball Federation- Inia Korowale, Weightlifting Fiji- Manueli Tulo

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