Rewa star finds tough sanction

REWA striker Iosefo Verevou has copped a six-match suspension and fined $5000 by the Fiji Football Association.

Fiji FA chief executive officer Mohammed Yusuf said Verevou was handed the suspension and fine after he applied for his release to Suva from Rewa but a week later changed his mind and decided to stay with Rewa during the two-week player transfer window that closed on January 31.

“Verevou has been suspended for six matches and he will have to compensate Suva Football Association for all the expenses incurred while he was with Suva for one week,” Yusuf said.

“He signed a statutory declaration wanting to move to Suva. Once a player signs the declaration, it means he has made up his mind. He (Verevou) started training with Suva and then one week later he went back to Rewa and said he wanted to withdraw his application because he was getting a better deal there.”

In the other player transfer update, police officers Simione Tamanisau, Madhwan Goundar, Tevita Waranivalu and Savenaca Nakalevu had been cleared from Rewa Football Association to play for Suva.

“They have been cleared by Rewa and they should be registered with Suva today (yesterday) as Rewa had agreed to release them,” Yusuf said. “Setareki Hughes’ transfer application (Suva to Rewa) came in the last lot on Wednesday and we will wait for the normal course to take place, but he has a contract with the club and the district which was lodged with Fiji FA in writing by Suva. Suva will release him once he meets with the contract provisions and if Rewa disputes this, then it will have to come to the dispute committee.”

Meanwhile, Lautoka duo Christopher Wasasala and Iliesa Lino have been cleared to play for Labasa provided the association deposits the money to Fiji FA which Lautoka is demanding to have paid them under the contract before the dispute committee finalises the amount that needs to be paid by Labasa.

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