Rewa St brawl: Brawls a new phenomena for Fiji – Chaudhry

Residents at the house that was attacked at Rewa street are been taken in to Raiwaqa Police station last night (Tuesday, October 4, 2022). Picture: SOPHIE RALULU

Fiji Labour Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry said the brawl that erupted in Rewa St, Suva, on Tuesday night was “frightening” and “a new phenomena” for the country.

He said the Governmend had been spending big on defence forces such as police but people’s security and safety continued to be at great risk.

“Whatever happened on that night was frightening and this is a new phenomena,” the former prime minister said.

“It is disturbing, and it poses questions, people’s safety and security are at risk while the Government spends a lot of money on the defence forces like police.

“It poses another question, why aren’t they able to put a stop to it?

“They deploy more traffic officers on our roads to check driving licences, et cetera.”

Mr Chaudhry said police should find the root cause of all the brawls and try to look for the unruly elements in society that cause them.

“The lives of people are at great risk and police need to do whatever it can to ensure we are safe.

“This reflects on leadership and this is something we need to really look at.

“If we are not safe under the current leadership, then I don’t know what else will provide us protection.”

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