IN an effort to revitalise the livestock industry, the Agriculture Ministry’s Animal Health and Production Division recently conducted training for 40 farmers at Nakoro Village in Navosa.

Organised in partnership with the Local Government Ministry, the emphasis of the training program was on enhancing food security and import reduction.

Acting senior agriculture officer West, Tevita Nabura said because of the high consumption of beef in the area, the training was important to maintain sustainable supply.

“There is a need for farmers to adapt the new technologies to modernise their farm in order to boost production,” he said.

“Training and educating local farmers will ensure that they will be kept on track with local and overseas market demands.

“We appreciate that farmers came in big numbers to attend the training because farmers in the province of Nadroga and Navosa are beginning to take interest in realising the market demands for beef.

“The AH&P Division is trying to minimise the use of beef as a magiti in these two villages, at the same time we urge local consumers to buy meat from the butchers and abattoirs to help local farmers increase production.”

Farmers from Navitilevu and Nakoro were targeted for training because of the high consumption of beef as a food source and also as a source of income.

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