Revamped road benefits residents

Matuku Rd in Tailevu had its first road upgrade in 20 years which was carried out by Fulton Hogan Hiways (FHH).

Matuku Village headman Paula Tikoi said the five-kilometre upgrade would give 20 children and 10 farmers easier access to school and the markets.

“The road was so bad for the past 20 years that carriers and four-wheel drives were reluctant to drive along the road. We all had to walk, carrying our groceries, whatever the weather. That has all changed. We are so grateful to the Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) and FHH,” he said.

“The road used to be slippery and full of potholes when it rained, children would miss school for days because they could not walk safely to the main road and farmers could not take their produce to the market.”

FHH cleared the overgrown grass and constructed a drainage system, gravelled and graded the road surface of the road making it safe to drive and walk along.

“Now we are picked up and dropped off at our homes and we won’t have to worry about walking the extra distance, carrying supplies,” said Mr Tikoi.

The newly revamped road is expected to benefit more than 100 residents and farmers living in the area.

The road is about 30 kilometres outside Korovou.

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