Revamp to ensure efficient operational system

Fiji Airways had a total of 65 infrastructure improvements carried out during revamp of its management and service infrastructure. Picture: AVIATION SOURCE

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, Fiji Airways revamped its management and service infrastructure to ensure a more efficient operational system.

While speaking in Canada on Wednesday night, airline CEO Andre Viljoen said there were a total of 65 infrastructure improvements carried out during this process.

“We took one third of our staff and called them are revamping and we worked on every bit of infrastructure that during normal times you couldn’t ever repair or redo,” he said.

“Today we have 65 major infrastructure improvements in the business, which include things like a new revenue management system, new accounting system for revenue accounting, a new fuel management system Skybary, the new COVID system and so on all to make our airline even more efficient.”

He said COVID had resulted in the transformation of their business. “And lastly, our customer experience team continues to strive for perfection.

“The tremendous work that is currently being done by our executive chef Richard Krause, a celebrity chef for those of you that knows Fiji Well.

“And as a result, we’ve just received on June 22 the Apex award for the best food and beverage in the South Pacific. So that’s another major achievement.”

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