Retailer shifts to e-commerce

Deluxeno1 Pte Ltd. Picture: FACEBOOK.

A shoe retail business that has been operating in the country for the past 34 years has now stepped into the digital era with the launch of its e-commerce website.

Deluxeno1 Pte Ltd has ventured into the e-commerce platform by developing an e-commerce shoe website

In response to queries, a spokesman for the company said Deluxeno 1Pte Ltd was the first online shoe store in Fiji enabling customers to purchase shoes from the comfort of their homes and also through their mobile devices.

Customers can access the website link through either their Facebook and instagram pages and upon accessing the website, the customer can from the comfort of their homes, view all the shoe products listed on their e-commerce platform that includes size, price and colours.

Through the website customers then can choose the desired product for purchase and move on to choosing their size.

“We have attached size charts on every product page to assist the customer and we have gone the extra mile by requesting submission of foot outline measurement of the customer for most accurate size fit and high customer satisfaction.

“The idea is to instill confidence in customers as this is a change in customer behaviour that will need some time and also patience.”

As soon as the order is placed, customers will receive an email stating the order is put on hold while the staff use the foot outline measurement to verify the size and confirm through another email which then also has the links to direct the customer to make payments (direct transfer and M-PAiSA) for now.

“Once we verify the payments received, we will then send a order completion email with an invoice to the customer.

There are two ways customers can receive products — delivery (charges apply) and store pick-up.

Customers can pay cash on pick up or even make payments online for minimal interaction.”

According to the spokesman their business pre-COVID-19 was good and had started to improve however the pandemic has impacted the company greatly with closure of the retail sector at two instances with the current one lasting longer and counting, resulting in almost zero income from the retail sector as all retail outlets remain shut for prolonged periods.

He added that additionally, this had also impacted financial sustainability and viability with challenges to stay afloat in this climate with rental costs and other operational overheads however he said they were optimistic through this e-commerce platform to bounce back and give life back to the retail sector.

“Our expectations from this e-commerce website are to firstly help us bounce back in terms of financial stability and business sustainability.

“With closures of retail sector for over seven weeks, this is our window of hope to get things running back on track by ensuring we can meet the footwear needs of the people of Fiji in the safest possible way within the COVID safe protocols put in place by the government of Fiji and MCTTT,” he said.

“We also see this e-commerce platform as an opportunity to tap into untapped markets in the shoe retail sector and also possibility of diversification in the near future.”

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