Retailer helps islanders in spirit of Diwali

THERE is good news for people living on Koro Island.

After reports of food sho­rtages on the isla­nd, Carpenters Group of Companies and Morris Hed­strom have come to the assistance of villagers living on the island that was ravaged by Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston on February 20.

On Thursday, this newspaper reported on the front page the plight of villagers on the island, who said they were surviving mostly on wild cassava.

Carpenters Group of Companies director sales and marketing Kuna Sabaratnam said after reading the front page article in The Fiji Times on Thursday, the company felt that in the true spirit of Diwali, they had to help fellow Fijians in need.

“When we read in the paper that the villagers on Koro Island were actually eating food that is normally used to feed animals, we knew straightaway we had to step in to share the true spirit of Diwali with them,” he said.

“Diwali is the time to help each other and we know by doing this many families on Koro will have something to eat during Diwali. The shipment will be taken across to the island on Tuesday when the inter-island vessel leaves Suva for the island.”

Mr Sabaratnam said a team from the company would travel to the island and work with village headmen to distribute the food items.

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