Restrictions affect woman’s ability to provide for family

Roshni Rupan. Picture : JOVESA NAISUA

A family in Sakoca, Tacirua often cut down their food intake to two meals per day in order to save money.

Roshni Rupan, 48, a divorcee, has been away from work for the past seven weeks because of health restrictions and its taking a toll on her ability to provide for her family.

“I work at a clothing store in Suva and it’s been closed since April because it’s not an essential service and now we’re really struggling to put food on the table,” she said.

Ms Rupan lives with her elderly mother and two brothers who were also stuck at home because of restrictions, meaning their finance pool was slowly drying up.

“We hardly use any electrical appliances these days and we’re strict with water as we don’t want to pay high bills as we want to save money for food.”

“Last week, some good Samaritans came to distribute food rations and we were grateful but it’s not enough, especially for those with large families.”

“I received the $90 assistance from Government but that didn’t last for long with the prices of food and groceries these days.”

“I’m also waiting for the $50 assistance to arrive this week, it’s not much but it will certainly help our situation.”

“Whatever help we can get is appreciated as we are helpless right now.”

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