Rest in peace Dau

Just days after mourning the death of trade unionist Ratu Vilikesa Naulumatua, Fijians have joined hands to offer their condolences to the family and friends of one of our finest sportsmen Pita Dau.

The former dual international passed away in the Sugar City and his death has shocked his friends and sports lovers. Dau was part of the national soccer and rugby teams and gave his best when wearing the national jumper.

I never had the opportunity to meet Pita Dau personally but I read a lot about this sporting icon and I am so proud that he was a leading example of how we should live our lives. Dau was not only humble but was also a down to earth person who knew how to respect people. He showed great fighting spirit when on the field but a relaxed and calm attitude when off the field.

As far as soccer was concerned, Dau was part of the national soccer team that defeated Australia 1-0 in the World Cup qualifying rounds at Prince Charles Park. Being a mid-fielder required Dau to be physically and mentally fit and he exactly did that.

Apart from being a vital ingredient in the national soccer team, Dau was instrumental in guiding the Blues soccer side in the ’80s and ’90s and I am sure that he never missed the Blues games at Churchill Park. It’s very rare that we see a Fijian player don the jersey of his nation in two major sports. Dau had that pillar of strength and spiritual belief that made him a successful rugby and soccer player. His demands were not many unlike today’s soccer players and he was a warrior and has left memories and a legacy that would be hard to emulate.

I thank The Fiji Times for remembering our sports legend in Saturday’s “Blast from the past” and I salute our fallen hero and pray that his soul rests in peace and finds solace. I urge our national 7s team to play their hearts out in the Happy Valley for one of our finest sportsmen. Rest in peace Dau! Thank you so much for your contributions towards soccer and rugby. You’ll be severely missed!

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