Respect the human dignity of the victims: Save the Children Fiji

Mesake Taukei consoles his aunt Elenoa Driu after the loss of her son Atilai Ruitoka Pareti. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

SAVE the Children (SC) Fiji is requesting the public to respect the human dignity of the victims of road accidents especially children.

She made the comments following Saturday’s horrific accident at Nabou, Nadroga claimed the lives of six people including a 16-year-old student of Ratu Navula College in Nadi.

SC Fiji’s chief executive officer , Iris Low- McKenzie said people needed to know that it was very disrespectful to be sharing and posting pictures of victims of road accidents at the scene on social media.

“Let us respect the victim’s family who are going through a very difficult moment in receiving the news of this unfortunate fatal accident,” Ms McKenzie said.

“Let the authority do their jobs following protocols and procedures in relaying the news to the victim’s family in an appropriate manner rather than further victimising them with such disrespectful actions.”

She said these actions were a direct violation of children’s rights to human dignity and was indicative of the lack of respect for other people’s privacy and personal space, in particular, the children.

“The fact that the person chose to post the photos and people are sharing, is a sign that it is time to evaluate our social media habits because some of the deceased are children, children who belong to families, who have friends and a whole network around them, and to be circulating these horrific videos is very inhumane and insensitive,” she said.

“Let us be mindful of other children who might view this horrific incident which can be very traumatising for them.”

She added that Article 17 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) stated that children had the right to collect information from the media, radio and other mass media, but should be protected from information that could harm them.

“We are not giving these children a chance to choose to not see the images, since they would pop up on their newsfeed without warning,” she said.