Respect religious freedoms

Update: 3:17PM THE CONSTITUTIONAL right of various faiths must be respected.

The Fiji Police Force has renewed calls for an observance of the religious freedoms of Hindus following complaints of harassment.

Police say some places where followers of Hinduism gathered to celebrate “Ram Naumi” were stoned.

“The Hindu religious gathering Ram Naumi started yesterday and various Hindu groups around the country have started their rituals,” a statement from the force said.

“Numerous complaints have also been received by police in regards to stoning incidents in these religious gatherings.”

The statement said respect must be given to Christians at Easter and Christmas, as should be the case at Eid for Muslims and for those who follow the Hindu religion during the festivals.

“This is their constitutional right and we need to respect it. Police will closely monitor this incident and areas will be patrolled,” the Police said.

“If anyone is caught they will be taken to task.”

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