Resource owner participation

PARLIAMENTARY Standing Committee on Natural Resources is seeking for resource owners’ participation so they could be part of the business and get the percentage of sales.

This is after committee chairperson Joeli Cawaki and his team visited the Northern Division to meet resource owners.

“For so long these resource owners have only been given the royalty but what we’re trying to do is to get them to be part of the business and also get the percentage of the sales and resource owners need to wake up and be part of the development minerals in partnership with investors who know how to do the business but these two things that we are lacking the resource owners and the starting capital and the know-how or the technical know how so you need to partner with someone who has the technical knowledge in order to go forward,” he said.

Mr Cawaki said the team were also around to meet resource owners on the development minerals.

“There has been limited coverage in Fiji on development minerals like sand, gravel, the rocks and with all the developments taking place, the usage of minerals takes place and also not much has been reflected in the gross domestic product and the contribution of these development minerals in the development of Fiji,” he said.

“We are talking to the resource owners on how best they can maximise the returns from this development minerals and it’s a one of resource which has been provided for them — the mataqali, Tokatoka and Yavusa on a one of basis.”

Mr Cawaki said if the current generation does not look at sustainably develop resource then they would lose those resources for good.

“Then there’s nothing that the upcoming generation can rely on,” he said.

“One classic example is Nawailevu, the bauxite has been mined, it is gone and now you can only tell stories of what happened then to their children and grandchildren that once upon a time there was a bauxite mine in Nawailevu and so we are trying to inform this resource owners for their participation.”

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