Resorts, hotels return to normalcy

TOURIST properties that were affected by Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston are on track to resuming normal operations, says Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association (FHTA) president Dixon Seeto.

He said a majority of resorts and hotels were unaffected by the Category 5 storm.

“Many of the resorts that were affected have resumed operations and there are a couple of properties that will be opening in June,” he said.

“Overall, a majority of the tourist properties were not affected.”

He said the Tourism Action Group (TAG) played a key role in helping achieve a sense of normalcy in the industry.

According to Mr Seeto, they were hopeful last year’s momentum would continue in 2016.

“TAG got into action to put Fiji back on the road of normal operations and I think the campaign of reassuring visitors that Fiji was open for business worked out great.”

Mr Seeto said the attractive packages offered by different properties and national carrier Fiji Airways were also instrumental in boosting visitor numbers after the natural disasters.

“The main players in the recovery process were Tourism Fiji, Fiji Airways, FHTA and the Society of Fiji Travel Associates as well as Government, and they all drove the progress.

“The good thing is it has given the industry a more cohesive structure and we need to do this to make sure that we are all going in the same direction that will assist the development of the tourism industry in Fiji.”

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