Resort joins movement, removes grouper fish from menu

THE InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort and Spa has become the first in the country to join the For Fiji (4FJ) movement by pledging not to serve kawakawa and donu fish in its menu.

Resort area general manager Erik Stuebe said the hotel took its corporate responsibility seriously.

“We stand by our commitment to protect Fiji’s oceans, Fiji’s livelihood, and Fiji’s future,” Mr Stuebe said.

“We hope our participation in this campaign will encourage other resorts to join this cause, because as a sector, we have a tremendous opportunity to give back to the people of Fiji.”

Commonly known locally as kawakawa and donu, they are an important source of protein, are commercially valuable and are an integral part of Fiji’s culture.

The 4FJ campaign was launched in March as a grassroots movement asking people from all walks of life across the country to not eat, buy or sell these fish types during their peak breeding months.