Resilient kids of Narikoso

Konisi Saukitoga prepare the crab net. Picture: SIKELI QOUNADOVU

ALONG the beach a young boy walks around with his spear and a steady look out at sea, preying on any school of fish or a loner swimming in the waters.

His right index finger fixed nicely on the edge of the handle while his left-hand held it firmly to act as his guide when going in for the kill.

On another end of the beach, two children sit innocently playing with sand, while under a coconut tree Tevita bola helps his nephews prepare their crab net.

Further, along the shores five-year-old Kelepi Saukitoga Jnr sat holding a coconut trying to bite and peel a sliced piece of the husk to tie it with another coconut. First he tried to use the knife then resorted to his teeth. He had collected six already and once he managed to tie his coconuts together, he was off again running barefooted looking for more coconuts.

A look out at sea, a man and his young son in their boat going out fishing and on the remains of a sea-wall, men and young boys return with their catch.

Such is the life for children at Narikoso Village on the island of Ono in Kadavu, some even do not like the taste of red meat as they are so accustomed to seafood.

While the rise in sea-level has already declared 11 houses to be situated on a red-zone and the village earmarked for consultation, the children continue to help with whatever way they can whenever they are home.

It was the second term holidays and life in Narikoso brings back memories of the good old days in Qeleni – Taveuni.

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