Resignation no effect on review

THE resignation of Land Transport Authority former CEO Carmine Piantedosi will not have an impact on the Bus Fare Review Committee.

Fiji Competition and Consumer Commission CEO Joel Abraham said the committee was made up of capable people who could carry out the review.

He said the views of people concerning the authority would be taken into consideration and directed by the committee to the authority.

“They are an important stakeholder to the consultation and we will ensure their views are also taken into consideration,” he said.

“We have capable people within the committee who can proceed with the consultations. The committee will liaise with the authority on issues brought up regarding their operations.”

Mr Abraham also said the committee considered the travelling public as a major stakeholder to the exercise, adding they needed to be thoroughly consulted.

“For that, we have opened up various platforms via mobile texting, emails, written submissions and face-to-face consultations,” he said.

“The general public should not have an excuse now not to be part of the consultations and we urge Fijians to come in and participate through the platforms provided.

“Any submissions given will be part of the review and we will consider the merits of the submissions made.

“Submissions via all other platforms close on the 15th of December, but the texting platform will continue to allow time for those that missed out before closing on the 30th.”

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