Residents want shelters, benches

SOME members of the public in Labasa Town have highlighted the need to build more shelters and benches for people .

Peni Raiqiso, who has been living in Labasa for the past 40 years, said he was thankful for the latest developments in town.

“The very reason we are raising this issue is because a lot of people have been found crowded up in front of offices and shops to sit and have lunch,” he said.

Mr Raiqiso said the situation was an eyesore to them.

“It is not good to walk past people enjoying their meals in front of offices and they cannot help it because there are no proper places for them to sit and enjoy themselves, especially those that travel from the interior,” he said.

“I think the council should seriously look into this matter because it becomes a hassle for those working in offices.”

Mr Raiqiso claims that there are only two or three benches that can be found in town without proper shelter.

“Having shelter and benches would be great for senior citizens who find it hard to walk around town in the scorching sun,” he said.

Viliame Batirau of Labasa said it would be great to have shelters and benches done through towns for people to sit and relax after shopping.

“At least we can have a place to sit and talk with friends and even families who are out in town for a Saturday shopping,” he said.

Minister for Local Government Parveen Bala said he would check with the Labasa Town Council first.

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