Residents tell of ‘tornado-like’ winds, ordeal

As many as six families in Karavi, Ba, say they bore the brunt of unnatural “tornado-like” strong winds on Sunday that damaged parts of their home.

The families claim the incident occurred in the early hours, at a time when rainfall was extremely heavy.

“We knew the rain was going to be heavy and that winds would be strong but we didn’t anticipate anything like this,” resident Ramiza Nazmeen said.

“We were inside our homes, it was raining heavily but we could feel our homes shaking. It was a very frightening experience for us.”

She said one of the structures at the back of her home was blown away.

Another resident, Nasir Ali, said they were still unsure about what happened.

“The entire front porch was blown away and the roof of my sister’s house also blew away,” the 41-year-old said.

“We witnessed this at about 7am on Sunday morning and the wind picked up all of a sudden.

“That’s when the structures were torn down.”

He said this was the first time such phenomena had occurred in their area.

Nearby homes and communities were unaffected.

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