Residents tell of road struggle

PEOPLE living along the Valebasoga feeder road claim they walk for 30 minutes or more braving the rain and sun to access bus services daily.

Labasa Sangam (SKM) College Year 9 student Nilesh Chand claims children in his area wake up as early as 5am every day to catch the bus if they intend to get to school on time.

Nilesh said this included kindergarten students who would walk about 30 minutes to an hour to get to the nearest bus stop where they could catch the bus to Labasa Town.

“Three months ago close to 50 students in this area used to get bus service closer to our homes, and instead of the 30-minute walk, we would walk five minutes to access them,” he claimed.

“This was before the road condition turned into its deplorable state.

“Some of us doze off to sleep during classes because we leave our homes early to get to school on a daily basis,” he claimed.

Another student, Avantika Lal, claimed if students missed the first bus, they would only get to school after 10am.

Farmer, Ashrit Prasad said families like his carried their shopping and sacks of food supply from the main road for about an hour to get to their home.

The 55-year-old, claimed they had raised their concerns with authorities, but claimed their pleas had fallen on deaf ears.

“Our children and grandchildren brave the rain and hot sun to access bus services so that they can get to school because this Government says it is serious about providing education for our little ones, but our situation is sad,” said Mr Prasad.

Another resident, Suresh Chand, said the difficulties residents in the area faced made living for them hard.

The Fiji Roads Authority denied these claims, saying the road in the area was sealed.

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