Residents share borehole

Lila Wati uses this drum to store her water from WAF's weekly supply. Picture: SERAFINA SILAITOGA

AN alternative arrangement of water supply has been organised for residents living around the popular picnic area of Korovatu in Labasa.

Apart from the weekly supply provided by the Water Authority of Fiji, the 80 families have used water from a nearby borehole.

However, the salinity of the water from the borehole has forced families to keep this water for washing clothes and dishes only.

Maya Wati said they had to share the borehole for the past four months.

“So our arrangement is that 40 families will use the borehole today, and tomorrow the rest of the 40 families will use it,” she said.

“We won’t use it altogether because we need to keep some water for days of short supply. “This has been our arrangement for the past months and we are losing our vegetables and crops.”

Yesterday, she was in the farm picking dead beans that had been affected by the dry spell.

“I can’t sell these beans and can’t eat it either so I am picking it to prepare the seedlings for the rainy season when it’s planted,” Ms Wati said.

“It’s really difficult and even our animals are affected and we can’t give them too much water because we also need it.”

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