Residents raise concerns on alleged illegal rubbish dumping

RESIDENTS of Church St in Nadera have raised concerns on the alleged illegal rubbish dumping by the Nasinu Town Council in a nearby drain in the area.

Kereni Ledua, a resident at the area claimed the council has been dumping rubbish at their street for a while now.

“They come, leave the rubbish there, and go and then after a week or so they’ll come back and pick it,” she claimed

Ropate Nakuila said the dumping of rubbish in the nearby drains have also emitted a foul stench.

“The drain smells very bad here every day and yet the authorities haven’t looked into this problem, the bad smell comes from the rubbish, like dead animals and kitchen waste,” Mr Nakuila claimed.

“If people complain then they’ll come and clean it, if not they won’t. If not it will be there for a very long time. People throw dead animals as well into the drain causing bad smell.”

Nasinu Town Council chief executive officer Lute Berends said he would not comment on these claims, but said the council had different ways of collecting rubbish from the community,

“In some areas if you collect the green waste we provide a big green litter bin because the trucks can’t dump it straight into the bin so we put the rubbish beside the bin,” Mr Berends said. “That saves us three to four trips to Naboro because we can load four or five into the trucks and then the trucks go straight to Naboro.”

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