Residents happy with work on sewer line

RESIDENTS of Maravu settlement in Laucala Beach Estate in Nasinu are overjoyed after engineers from the China Railway First Group (Fiji) Co., Ltd finally completed its work on the rusted and cracked sewer pipeline crossing a stream in front of their settlement.

The sewer line has been a matter of concern for the residents, especially the stench, which they had to live with daily, let alone the health hazards that the residents had been subjected to for a number of years.

Maravu settlement Methodist Church lay pastor Emosi Banuve said they had put up with the stench and the health hazard for years when the sewer line had corroded and rusted and had opened up in certain parts.

“Discussions started last year with the company China Railway, the PM’s office and Water Authority of Fiji and some other departments on how the work was to be carried out.

“They had to remove a few houses including the church to enable the repair works to be done.

“Now we are thankful to China Railway, the Government and Water Authority for the great work that has been done; we are finally at rest with all our health concerns and the stench which has finally gone,” said Mr Banuve.

“All that remains now is we are looking forward to some sort of assistance in reinstating the houses and the church that were removed during the time work was done.”

He said it was a big change from the last time, with the stench gone and most importantly the health dangers which was now hopefully over.

China Railway project manager for the Maravu pipeline project Steven Zhang said they were pleased to have been able to complete the 66-metre sewer pipeline within three-four months during which they employed 20 workers from the settlement.

He said the matter of reinstating the houses removed would be dealt by WAF.

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