Residents caught by surprise

SOLID concrete compound fences crashed and vehicles were swept away as raging floodwaters inundated the residential community of Yalalevu in Ba early Sunday morning.

Many residents were caught by surprise when the Namosau river broke its banks and entered the homes of about 100 families.

The main access road to Ba Town was overrun by floodwaters most of yesterday.

Frustrated residents said this was the worst flooding to occur since 2012 and blamed it on the construction of a nearby retaining wall and poor drainage.

Nand Kishore, 57, said he had never witnessed such damage in the 30 years he lived there.

Another resident, Rajiv Prasad, 23, said his home suffered great damage.

“No one was able to check the river levels because the thunderstorms were too intense and some people were able to save their cars and got their families out but everyone was affected,” he said.

Mother of two Kiran Devi said she was left with the clothes on her back and was thankful for neighbours who helped procure clothing for her family, including her granddaughter, aged one-year six months.