Residents await titles

Kumar. Picture: FT FILE

Kumar. Picture: FT FILE

A TOTAL of 157 Clopcott residents are waiting to receive titles to the residential lots they live on.

Advisory councillor Mukesh Chand said the residents of this settlement located just outside Ba Town had already received 99-year lease agreements.

“The only document that is left to be given to them is the title of their land lease,” he said.

“In fact, we had a meeting with the Local Government Minister Parveen Kumar last week and he assured us that the titles would be given to us very soon. The project is a five-year project and so far everything is going according to plan.”

He said other upgrades had been carried out at the settlement which had a population of more than 500.

“We have new water meters installed and the next upgrade is the tarsealing of 1.1kilometres of road.”

Meanwhile, a similar project is also in the pipeline for a nearby settlement in Ba.

Mr Chand said as many as 350 households in Tauvegavega settlement would benefit from the project.

“The houses have already been numbered and we have a total of 348 houses in Tauvegavega,” he said.

In Parliament on Monday, acting Minister for Local Government, Housing, Infrastructure and Transport Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, said the 99-year lease for Clopcott residents would be handed out in mid-May.

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