Resident raises concerns

A RESIDENT living in Narere, Nasinu, is concerned about the amount of waste dumped in the area where she resides.

Karalaini Veisamsama says there had been indiscriminate dumping of rubbish by those living in the same area.

She said the rubbish was an eyesore and her family was often forced to clean up the roundabout at Balolo Rd because no one else seemed to care.

“People have been dumping their rubbish anyhow and we are the ones ending up doing the cleaning up every time because we live close to this roundabout and the most affected,” Ms Veisamasama said.

She said the rubbish piled in the area could be left unattended for about a month.

“There are some vehicles that come here and think that this is a dumping place. They just come and throw their plastic bags filled with diapers and other waste materials.

“It’s not good to see rubbish thrown like this. The least people could do is dispose them properly. Keep the rubbish until the rubbish trucks come to collect them from here.

“They know the days the rubbish trucks collect rubbish but they still have that habit of collecting and getting rid their rubbish after the truck leaves,” she added.

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