Researcher finds connection between Fijian culture and the environment

UNDERSTANDING the complex and adaptive nature of Pacific Island communities is a growing yet relatively unexplored area in tourism development.

Final year
PhD research student from Griffith University in Australia, Apisalome Movono
conducted a research seminar last week on Fijian culture and the environment
which looked at the ecological and social interconnectedness of tourism

Mr Movono,
who is also an assistant lecturer at the School of Tourism and Hospitality
Management at USP said his PhD research took an ethnographic approach to
examine how tourism development  led to complex and multi-scale changes
within a particular indigenous Fijian village for over 40 years.

The study
established that tourism development has brought a range of ecological shifts
that have, over time, spurred far-reaching changes within the socio-cultural
set up of the community.

Read more
about his thesis in The Fiji Times features section in the coming weeks.

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