Research finds need to address regional social justice

Update: 6:13PM THE Institute of Mission and Research of Pacific Theological College has found that social justice issues in the region need to be addressed.

This was highlighted by IMR’s project officer Moira Vilsoni-Raduva at a press conference held today at PTC in Nasese after a research conducted by the institution.

Mrs Vilsoni-Raduva said its public lecture series would be an adequate way to address such issues. 

“We’ve mobilised to work on public lecture series with the fact that when we started doing research work, we initially found that there is a lot of social issues that needed to be highlighted not just through the formalised conferences, training and workshops but we can also look at outside events like the public lecture series,” she said. 

She added this year, they were looking to expand their audience. 

“We’re hoping that since this is the second year of the public lecture series, we want to extend and broaden our invitation and we feel that we’re hitting an issue that is very sensitive but at the same time, we want our audience to know that we’re also responding,” she said. 

The public lecture series is co-coordinated by the University of the South Pacific and the Pacific Regional Seminary.

This year’s theme is on ecology and social justice. 

The first public lecture for this year will be held at PTC in Nasese on April 12 with the topic on responding to domestic violence and the use of ecumenical voice to broken families. 

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