Rescue mission

Members of the Hakwa Foundation on Vatulele Island. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

The Nadroga Rugby Union in collaboration with the Hakwa Foundation has plans to expand their assistance to villages in Kadavu and Lau that were affected by Tropical Cyclone Harold five weeks ago.

The initiative of assisting the helpless through voluntary help and goodwill has enabled the Hakwa Foundation and the Nadroga Rugby Union to achieve their first mission of assistance to the island of Vatulele, with supplies of clothing and groceries that were given by companies, families and individuals.

Nadroga Rugby Union logistics official Viliame Nakuita said the reason for pursuing this relief assistance initiative to other parts of the country was to remind the victims of TC Harold that they’re not alone and Nadroga Rugby Union was there to assist.

“Since contact sports and training is on hold, why not use this time to visit the places that were affected by the cyclone and give them a ray of sunshine that Nadroga is with them through this tough times and they will go through it together,” said Nakuita.

Nadroga’s success in the previous years was not from the players own strength alone but help from above and from their fans from other parts of the country.

That’s what Nadroga is made up of and the assistance is part and parcel of the union’s values.

“There is more to rugby than we know. “It is about the people and everything that is associated with it.

“Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak, the world as we know has changed dramatically, and so has rugby on a global scale.

“Our Vatulele appeal was one way of letting people know that despite the current events rugby will always be here. During this break, why not give back to the people, our fans and our loyal supporters a light of hope.

“Our next step after the Vatulele Relief is looking at ways to do the same for our tauvu from Kadavu in, Nabukelevu i Ra and talks are still in the works,” said Nakuita.

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