Request to drivers

I wish to humbly request all drivers in our beautiful country to please follow all road markings while driving, no matter how insignificant it may seem at the time or if it may mean waiting at a junction for a few seconds more.

These road markings on the highways or even a junction near your home have been engineered and designed by the proper authority to ensure proper and safe traffic flow. Without it chaos will reign.

I especially refer to the roundabouts at Nokonoko Rd, Jerusalem Rd, Fletcher Rd, Kasanji Rd, Grantham Rd and Flagstaff.

All these are marked with only one lane turning either left or right, but as we all witness every morning and afternoon a lot of reckless drivers disregard this and instead of waiting in the correct lane with all the other road law-abiding drivers, they drive along the inside or outside lane, as the case may be, and carelessly cut into the correct lane without any courtesy for all the waiting drivers in the usual long lines.

I must admit I have been tempted by the dark side to follow suit of these careless drivers, but have so far restrained myself and waited for my proper turn.

The following wise words of my youngest son have helped while waiting in the ever increasing traffic queues, “share, share!”

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