Request for seawall to stop floodwaters

Buluni villager Josefata Vunisina says they need a sea wall at Votua, Ba. Picture: ANISH CHAND

A VILLAGER of Buluni, Votua in Ba has said it is no use making new roads and bridges for them when the Ba River that runs nearby threatens to destroy all.

Josefata Vunisina is requesting Government to build a sea wall to stop floodwaters from crashing into their village.

He said the Ba River was causing a lot of soil erosion.

“If this is not fixed then maybe in five years’ time the river will come very near to the village. It’s useless for us to stay or build new houses,” said Mr Vunisina.

“If anybody in government is reading this, we need help. All our houses and livelihood is at stake because the river is moving towards the village side.”

Mr Vunisina said a sea wall was built by the Qarase government that had helped to some extent.

“That portion is secured but now the erosion has started in this place and it’s going to get worse.”

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