Reporting a leak

I report a couple of water leaks on Kara Punja Rd and Kava Pl.

The next day, the Water Authority of Fiji boys arrived and repaired a leak near my home at Kava Pl.

Making small talk with the boys, I remarked that it could have been the heavy rain that caused the soil to move, since it hadn’t rained for some time.

One of the boys said that they could only come and repair leaks that were not located on the tarsealed roads.

The one near my home is not on the road.

Anyway, I was told that when a leak is reported they come, assess the situation, take photos and send a report to the Fiji Roads Authority for their approval to dig on the road.

OK, fair enough. Each time there is a leak I simply send an email to the WAF and they come and do the job.

Now it’s different, they need FRA’s approval.

Could the road authority please add their email address to the WAF’s website under water leaks so that when we make a report, we send it to both authorities.

It just makes life easier.

I know it can be done.

As for the two other leaks on Kava Place, well we have to now wait for the approval.

Red tape? I don’t know.

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