Report water wastage, WAF urges

Motorists have been urged to remain mindful of water carting trucks that will be on the road this weekend. Picture: FT FILE

WITH the country facing dry weather spells, members of the public have been urged to report any wastage of water in their neighbourhood.

The Water Authority of Fiji (WAF), in its bid to effectively manage water usage nationwide, has urged members of the public to report any water wastage by taking photos and videos and forwarding it to the authority.

WAF has also advised its metered customers to store sufficient amounts of water for drinking and cooking purposes for at least two days.

WAF stated this was because of the aged infrastructure and that there were planned and unplanned water shutdowns happening.

During these times of repair, customers are requested to store water and this will also assist the authority in managing its resources efficiently.

WAF general manager Customer Services Sekove Uluinayau said the authority continued to assist affected customers facing water shortages through water carting.

“For the month of August, WAF has carted over 40 million litres of water to customers affected around the country: 3.5 million litres in the Central Division, 22 million litres in the Western Division, and 14.5 million in the Northern Division,” Mr Uluinayau said.

With the rural water carting schedule in circulation and regularly updated, affected rural communities are to follow the schedule to track their area delivery times and make available empty vessels for refilling – upon receiving water, customers are to sign off a register that will be given by the WAF water carting tallyman.

Water tanks are also being placed at strategic locations in affected areas to assist with water carting services.

Affected customers can reach out to WAF on its toll-free contact line 1507 or email where customers can make their requests for water carting services.

“We continue to encourage those that are facing issues with their water supply in the rural areas to contact WAF on toll-free number 1507, this channel of communication is kept open and we will continue to assist them in the best way that we can.”

Customers are encouraged to take note of the service order numbers, which will be issued for reference and follow-up purposes.

The water carting schedule is available on the WAF website and Facebook page @WaterAuthorityofFiji

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