Report: RBF governor on $335,000 salary

The Reserve Bank of Fiji (RBF) says our foreign reserves are expected to remain comfortable till end-2018. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

The Reserve Bank of Fiji (RBF). Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

THE Governor of the Reserve Bank is on a cash salary of $335,061.

This information is in the Reserve Bank of Fiji August 2018-July 2019 report that was tabled in Parliament on Monday.

The approval for the Governor’s remuneration package is vested with the Constitutional Offices Commission, the report said.

The salary of the deputy Governor is $242,574 while executive managers attract a cash salary of $177,191.

The executive manager positions include that of chief manager financial system development, chief manager financial markets, chief manager risk management and communications, board secretary, chief manager currency and corporate services, chief manager financial institutions, chief manager economics, chief manager governor’s office and director financial intelligence unit.

The salary of 29 other management staff is between $62,061 and $98,613.

According to the report, the salary level of the the executive management and managers is endorsed by the RBF Board’s Governance Committee.

‘The Executive Management and other management staff are employed on an individual contract basis and are remunerated in line with the market,” the report said.

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