Report leakage, says WAF

THE Water Authority of Fiji is requesting all its customers to report any burst pipeline or leakage.

This will allow technicians to attend to the broken pipes immediately thus avoiding water wastage and ensuring undisrupted supply to customers.

Residents of Samabula North, Lami and Tamavua areas have been complaining of supply disruption since Monday but WAF says all these areas have been receiving normal water supply.

However, WAF’s corporate communications officer Navinesh Kumar admitted that water supply to Samabula residents was disrupted for two days because of a 200mm burst main at Vatoa Rd on Monday morning.

“The burst main was repaired yesterday (Monday) and supply has been restored,” Mr Kumar said.

He said residents living in the Lami area should now be receiving normal supply after rationing water for the past two weeks.

“All areas within Lami should be receiving normal supply unless there is a burst (main pipe line) for which we will take action immediately to repair and restore our services,” he said.

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