Repairs to start on floodgates

THE Ministry of Waterways will start the rehabilitation of floodgates in the Northern Division.

Speaking at a Ministry of Land consultation with farmers in Wailevu yesterday, ministry representative Gyan Chandra said they had been trying to secure funds for the project.

Mr Chandra said most floodgates in the North were old and needed repairs.

“With this program we are looking at fixing the doors of the gates and securing the current structures,” he said.

“Maintenance of drains is also about to begin and we are just waiting for the wet weather to subside.

“Work on drains is expected to begin by the middle of next month which has been approved by the minister.

“Another issue that we need to highlight is the vandalism of floodgates by members of the public.”

Mr Chandra said they were securing properties where floodgates were implemented, restricting vehicles and people from entering these areas.

“To do this we have fenced and locked these areas,” he said.

“However another problem is that people are now tampering with our locks.

“We are encouraging members of the public to come forward and report to us or the police if they witness people damaging floodgates or even tampering with our structures.

“The floodgates and other structures as such are a means of helping farmers to mitigate the effects of climate change.”

Mr Chandra said they wanted to improve the standards of floodgates in Labasa.

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