Rental bond under review

THE rental bonds for Government quarters are presently in its reform stage, says Public Service Commission (PSC) permanent secretary Parmesh Chand.

Speaking at the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) meeting in Suva last week, Mr Chand said they did not rent Government quarters to the private sector or outside market.

However, with the reform, he said Government quarters in Suva would be rented to outside market tenants.

He said that made good business economic sense.

He made the comment after PAC committee member Balmindar Singh questioned the PSC on its reconciliation of the present status of rental bonds for Government quarters.

Mr Chand said outside market clients normally paid their bonds.

“The bond monies are deposited directly to separate bank accounts,” he said.

While PSC had a trade and maintenance account for the running of Government quarters, he said bond monies were deposited in a separate account.

“We are also moving a step ahead to look at those staff that can stay in Government quarters by way of eligibilities to also come up with some of sort of bond because of notoriously unpaid water and electricity bills left behind in the past,” he said.

He said civil servants who stayed in Government quarters would also sign a tenancy agreement.

Through the Finance Ministry, he said, bonds would be deducted over a period of time.

“That area is now being tightened up and we shouldn’t see any problem now,” Mr Chand said.

He said there had to be a cut-off point for the eligibility criteria to occupy Government quarters.

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