Renewable energy investments

Fiji’s only financial development institution, the Fiji Development Bank , joins again this year in the global Earth Hour advocacy movement calling on its clients, staff and stakeholders to switch off and Connect to Earth.

The Bank’s Connect to Earth story is interweaved with its promotion of environmentally-friendly investment facilities and lending policies.

The Sustainable Energy Financing Facility was introduced with the aim of scaling up renewable energy investments in the country to allow farmers and businesses to adopt sustainable energy technology in place of fossil fuel for the generation of electricity and reduce fuel importation.

Financing is available for hydro, solar, coconut oil fuel, energy efficiency equipment, wind, biomass, biogas, wave, tide, and feasible geothermal systems.

This facility also accommodates working capital for the purpose of providing consultancy, design, supply, installation and maintenance or repair services to encourage sustainable investments that address the impacts of climate change.

FDB has also been accredited as a National Direct Access Entity with the Green Climate Fund. As such, it will be a focal point for climate change and sustainability projects within the region.

FDB will continue to progress private sector-led infrastructure development that supports clean and affordable energy by providing innovative financing to projects supporting climate change mitigation and adaptation.

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