Removal of fees to benefit indigenous farmers – Bulitavu

A farmer on his yaqona plantation. The removal of the exemption of export fees will assist our indigenous yaqona farmers, says Opposition MP Mosese Bulitavu. Picture: FILE

The removal of the exemption of export fees will assist our indigenous yaqona farmers, says Opposition MP Mosese Bulitavu.

While speaking on the Biosecurity Bill, Mr Bulitavu said the removal of requirement  of inspection on the cost would lighten the burden for yaqona farmers in rural areas who were moving in to export.

“This is an assistance which is good because it will empower the landowners and also those who are moving into the export business,” he said.

“Those are some of the benefits of that, Sir, and also the removal of the consignment fees. This is helpful too because it reduces the cost of those that are exporting, given they are from the rural areas to export in these hard times due to COVID-19.

“The other thing that I am thankful for, Mr Speaker, Sir, is the reduction of fi scal duty on spare parts and also other electronic materials which also will benefit bus owners and also car owners.”

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