Remote villagers receive rations

Food packs being loaded on to a boat for distribution on Viwa Island in Yasawa. Picture: SUPPLIED

Villagers on one of the furthest islands in the Yasawa Group received food rations from Rise Beyond the Reef which provided much needed assistance for the maritime community.

A boatload of food rations was delivered by a charted Vomo Island Resort vessel from the Lautoka Wharf earlier this month.

Rise Beyond the Reef president Adi Sivia Qoro said the assistance would bring relief for the villagers who found it difficult to access basic amenities.

“For Viwa, the fuel cost is $100 return,” she said.

“That does not include the cost for the boatmaster, maintenance and labour cost to unload, et cetera.

“So when the boat breaks down, it is so hard for them to repair.”

She said with the current pandemic, the situation on Viwa Island had brought on more challenges for villagers.

“Now, with COVID, those doing barter with them, they just pay $40 for fuel to return.

“This barely covers their fuel so they have become so frustrated.”

She said the assistance was a much needed relief to an already frustrating situation. “Today, they are so appreciative because for once, assistance was delivered right at their doorstep without them having to pay anything.

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