Remain faithful in all callings; All Saints cadets advised

Students of All Saints Secondary School at their cadet passing out parade. Picture: SUPPLIED

THE 212 students who completed the cadet passing-out program at All Saints Secondary School in Labasa have been reminded to remain committed and faithful to whatever calling they pursue in life.

In addressing the students, outgoing school principal Serafina Saukilagi told the students that there were many races in life.

“The important thing to remember is to complete every race you take part in,” Mrs Saukilagi said.

“You started the cadet program and finished it and no one can take that achievement away from you and you still have another race to complete in school with your studies, complete that too.

“When you leave school and start studying, complete your certificate, diploma or degree and if you go on to work, complete the work given to you every day.

“If you make it to the Fiji national sevens team, be a gladiator and play to the best of your skills and ability until the final siren sounds. And remember, even when you get married and have children, complete the race in looking after your wife or husband until death.”

Mrs Saukilagi said such cadet training allowed students not only the opportunity to test their endurance and fitness skills, but it also fostered good team morale and bonding.

“It shows students how to work as a team to produce results.

“Some of you will go on to joining the armed and security forces of our beloved country, you will find that the test of your endurance during your cadet training in school will be the best preparation for serving your country either here in Fiji or abroad.

“Cadets, your turnout, drill and bearing were of the highest standard and your families and instructors should be very proud about the precision and discipline of your performance.”

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