Relocation brings relief

PROUD owners of four new homes have spent a lot of money on home repairs.

The families, who used to live by the seaside and have benefited from the USAID Coastal Community Adaptation Project at Vunisavisavi Village, shared how they have got used to the soaked floors of their houses.

Lavenia Kakua, who now owns a new home, said every day during high tide, the waves would reach the doorsteps of her old house.

“It was an everyday thing. We’d be lucky if the waves remain under the house, otherwise it will come inside the house and our floors would get wet,” she said.

“The wooded floor will get rotten and then we repair it, but every time seawater comes into the village compound, our house will get affected.

“I am just so glad that the US Government has given me a new house because my children can now play around the house safely.”

Another home owner Paulini Leba said she was fed up of seeing the waves enter the village compound.

“I just wanted to move out. During high tide, I will just take my children inside the house because the compound will get swampy,” she said.

“It was an experience I didn’t like at all because it was not easy having wet floors in the house all the time.

“We can’t plant anything outside because our plants and vegetables will just die. So I thank our government too for helping us and identifying this village to the USAID.”

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