Religious tournaments

The 2017 annual Andhra Sangam convention will be held at Prince Charles in Nadi during the Easter weekend.

I thank the organisers for hosting the event in Nadi.

Every year a number of religious conventions, including sports in which soccer most probably is a main attraction, are held in the country during Easter. The events no doubt attract people of all walks of life who come in numbers to show their support every time. We also meet our families and friends coming from overseas during the occasion.

All in all the tournaments are lively and entertaining at the same time. The credit goes to the organisers who put in a lot of time and effort making the events successful every year.

As Nadi welcomes all to this very special event in the calendar of Andhra Sangam, let’s hope the venue is well prepared.

I think the wooden ventilators on top the pavilion are due for cleaning. They look very dusty and blackish.

Please know that I am merely suggesting.

Before I conclude, I would like to wish the convention every success.

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