Religious freedom is absolute – Ro Teimumu

OPPOSITION leader Ro Teimumu Kepa has called for Fiji to be committed to safeguarding the rights of all to practise their religion as the country celebrates Easter.

Ro Teimumu said Easter was one of the holiest and most important dates on the Christian calendar.

“As we celebrate Easter, let us think of those who are unable to do so, Christians and people of all religions around the world who are ostracised, abused, even murdered simply for the faith they follow. Religious freedom is an absolute, fundamental human right,” Ro Teimumu said.

“Fiji must be committed to safeguarding and upholding this fundamental human right, by defending the right of every citizen to practise Christianity or any other religion at home and abroad. We very strongly commend this human right at this very special time of the year.”

She said people should also remember the lives of Fijians lost in tragic accidents, victims of torture and abuse and those who are far away from their families serving in foreign nations, out at sea, and those in hospitals, correctional facilities, hospices and the disadvantaged.

“For Christians in Fiji, it is also a time when we reflect the role Christianity plays in our national life, as many of us are firmly convicted this country was founded on the principles, values and the teachings of Jesus Christ,” she said.

“Love above all, mutual respect and self-sacrifice for the greater good are some of the qualities reflected in Christ’s life.”

Before I end, at the very heart of Christian teaching is the lesson to “love thy neighbour” and I invite all of us to reflect this sentiment in our daily lives.”

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